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Imusa 3 Piece Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set (Scoop, Spoon & Spatula)

Imusa 3 Piece Bamboo Kitchen Tool Set (Scoop, Spoon & Spatula)

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For every kitchen . the IMUSA 3-piece bamboo kitchen tool set is ideal. These tools are non-scratchy . practical . and fashionable. This collection of culinary utensils is stylish and robust. The majority of cooking surfaces . including ceramic and nonstick enamel . can be used with it without causing scratches. It is simple to clean and perfect for hot or warm meals alike. Whatever is being cooked . it's an absolute necessity in almost every kitchen. Unlike silicone utensils . this set won't melt in the heat or break like other paddle varieties. Unlike steel or plastic frying paddles . the long . heat-resistant handles are comfortable to hold and do not heat up. Ideal for combining . stirring . transferring . and serving. Both right-handed and left-handed users will find comfort and balance in our cooking utensil designs. To maintain their quality . wash them using a gentle sponge and warm water. To ensure that your spoon set lasts longer . we advise drying them before putting them away. Only ever hand wash bamboo to protect it.

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